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March 03, 2007



Oh my! This is just lovely! Who knew such a warm green feeling could come from a computer monitor?

You look so pretty in your garden skirt.

I like the idea of the photoshop garden. I look forward to seeing it's evolution. Nancy suggested I get a dirt sample examined via an extension agent. I had never heard of such a thing. I've heard you can test your dirt in a jar by shaking it up with water and then letting things settle naturally.

Did you do dirt sampling or do you know how to do such things on your own? Do you think it's an important place to start?

Can't wait to see this garden in person, it has grown so much since I was there. Sam always points out what he calls 'the alien plant' when he sees one, remember that crazy weedling towards the iron fence that grew to be taller than Brandon?

This is neat! Good work!


Hey, didn't some of those succulents start out as teensy plants? They look familiar, but maybe that's because I've seen them at your house. I joyed reading the blog!

[I still have many teensy plants and though some have grown larger I often start new babies and give away the bigger plants so I can keep expanding the collection without using up my windowsill space. Glad you joyed it. -Carolyn]


Welcome to the blogosphere! I love your site. You gotta help us newbies out. How about your picks on flowers to plant this spring? I was thinking sunflowers...how hard are they to grow? (Can't be too hard, they seem to grow like weeds in some parts of Texas)...love , Trey


Yay succulents! Hey, any of those left over descendants from the Fiddler days??

[Sadly, I had to give up all my plants when I moved to Brooklyn. My friends in Decatur have some plants that I gave them so those are the only survivors from that time period. -Carolyn]


A delightful site! Would love to see tips on growing the garden in small urban pockets. Since you can make anything flourish, maybe you could give the rest of us tips: 1,2,3 etc. Keep it up!
Love your book comments, too.

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