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April 08, 2007


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Yes - you don't have to baby the Iceland Poppies. I plant them here in the fall (say, November). They will try to bloom all winter, but the flower buds usually get nipped by frosts. The plants, however, are very hardy. By planting them in the fall, the establish a nice root system and will put on a much bigger flower show in the spring. If I wait to plant them in spring here, they just aren't as vigorous. But I imagine that up there, the poppies will still be trucking along nicely in the summer. They die out here by say mid-June - once it's toasty.

It's funny, I too try not to use red, and always say I'm not going to plant yellow either. But somehow, yellows keep sneaking back in. There is yellow in the poppy mixture - and how could I not plant them? I also have a dwarf Iris pseudocorus that is screaming yellow. But I love the plant! Damn yellow...


What's the purple flower?

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