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May 18, 2008


Northern Shade

The Pizzacato is a beautiful poppy. Are there other colours in the mix? How fortunate that it bloomed with the Dianthus. Isn't it great when the colour combinations and timing work out?

A Twitter User

oHHHHH, your oriental poppies are fabulous. My spring is way over...but it's so fun, I get to see it all over again in your garden! Btw, the red flowered legume you saw on my blog is Sesbania punicea - or rattlebox. I got it 3 springs ago as a small seedling and it bolted up into a tree very quickly. I actually keep it trimmed to that size. It's been hardy so far in my garden. It loses all it's foliage in winter and then pops back out. Red is not a color I would normally include in my garden, but it's a nice orangey red and it's so pretty that I can't remove it! Hummingbirds like it too.

Jane Marie

I love your Pizzicato Poppy. Beautiful.

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