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July 13, 2008


Northern Shade

I remember when I was very young on the school ground, when someone saw a dragonfly, they would yell, "It's a dragonfly. Run or it will sew your lips up", and we would all run around screaming like crazy. Ah, childhood rituals. However it's hard to understand the terror to an adult, especially from a dead one. It's a very beautiful dragonfly.
Do you get the urge to tell the restaurant, that if they can only afford to buy 3 annuals, they should stick them in a pot by their front door?


Agreed, there was really no need for screaming, but I heard her say, 'I'm just really freaked out by insects.' Please.

Paul Rowley

I think the White Castle display is the horticultural equivalent of the Chicken "Italiano" Sandwich they're currently peddling as a special summer treat.

A Twitter User

Ok wow. That petunia planting is really just rediculous!!

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