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September 20, 2008


Northern Shade

Thanks for sharing your other, secret garden. It's a beautiful garden, with a lot of variety. While working there, you must get many ideas for what you would like to try in your own garden.
Your top photo, with the central path, conifer spires and beds on each side is lovely. The Dahlia ODB has an attractive pinkish purple colour. I like the bed around the Hydrangea paniculata 'Tardiva'.
Does the fan palm overwinter outdoors?
Do you work in the greenhouse as well?


It must be quite obvious how many of my ideas come from what I've learned and continue to learn at Wave Hill. It's a constant education which is something I enjoy most about working there. I also transfer knowledge I gain at home to the garden at work so it goes back and forth.

The fan palm will be dug out before a frost since it is not hardy.

Yes, I do work in the greenhouses. I am responsible for our main propagation house where we start seeds and cuttings and grow South African bulbs in pots. I also help with growing and arranging plants for indoor winter displays. It's all great fun!

Paul Rowley

Wow what a feast for the eyes! Thanks so much for sharing.

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