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March 01, 2009



Good luck with the birth! That is so exciting. Couple of bloggers out there who have contended with gardening avec infants - Garden Muse and Heavy Petal, to name two. Maybe you could ask them for strategies? I didn't do a ton of gardening when my daughter was born, but I did a bit during her naptimes, or put her on a blanket before she could crawl and dug in the dirt while she looked up at the leaves and flowers. I'm glad you posted pics of your dormant garden - you can look back at them during the height of summer and see how much change has taken place.

Northern Shade

Congratulations on 2 years of blogging. I've enjoyed reading your posts, and watching your garden change over the year.
I hope that everything goes well for you in the next month, and that the baby enjoys the scent of flowers from your pack as you garden. I can picture the baby reaching out and deadheading, as you reach over to weed. :)


Hey Carolyn, popping over after spotting your comment. I enjoy the naked beaty of a dormant garden. Plus it gives you an idea of where things need editing.

There's definitely nothing stopping you from being in your garden with the wee one. I was out there one week after my little guy was born. It's therapy for a new mom, and if the season is right, pleasant for baby. Now that he's older I get him involved in as much gardening as I can. I even started another blog to focus on our "projects." I envy you for getting to now work at a nursery. What a way to soak up tons of info! Thanks for visiting, enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy and the new role of motherhood. Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks so much for visiting The Bark Tree and especially for the baby/gardening encouragement. Much appreciated!

Paul Rowley

Happy Anniversary!!!

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