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May 18, 2009



Baby has one stylin' poppy-colored hat! Yeah, he's probably not too into flowers yet. Just wait, he'll get there! Sweet.

Dirt Princess

Now thats a big bloom!

Northern Shade

Aaah, you are going to need a large assortment of baby bonnets to keep up the charming colour coordination. I see little August is getting her first lesson in the difference between a weed and a pretty garden flower. Wow, the flower is as large as her head. Soon, she will be dead heading and weeding like a pro.

Brandon Kennedy

Uh, August is a boy, Northern Shade. Read the fine print.


I ordered an orange poppy similar to yours, but it's tiny and there's no flower. Yours is unbelievably gorgeous! How long does it take to reach that size? Cheers!


You might have a different poppy if the flower is smaller. There are a million types and sizes. These are Papaver orientalis and the plants are 3 years old. I ordered them from Bluestone Perennials.

M. D. Vaden of Oregon

Fine looking landscape garden plants.

Someday, I'm going to learn how to work with those. I've been intimidated in the past, from adding them in landscape designs. Even my own garden.

But there sure are a lot of nice ones around here - especially in some of the NE Portland landscapes.


Beaverton / Portland


The picture of the water droplets on the leaves is so clear and vivid. I felt as if I we standing right over the plant.

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Wow! great i like the flower and the baby so cute,good you shared this.



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The baby and the flower are equally cute!!!!

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Oh! that flower was so attractive. I like it. Wish I can add that flower in my garden. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed browsing this post.


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Its Poppy baby is very cute like a fresh flower.And I have never seen before this flower.What is the name of this orange flower?


Your baby as well as flower looks so cute...

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i don't like orange or any dark colour flowers.. but in your post this flower attracting me..
great effort..

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