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June 17, 2010


small garden ideas

Its exactly what I did when I move to the suburbs, planting many trees in my backyard. I even thought of making a garden in my backyard but its still in the planning stage.


Mom's yard is looking great, Care! Glad that Augie is continuing the family dirt-eating tradition.


Looking great, Cowgirl! Totally missing you at Wave Hill but it looks like you're in a groove. August is HUGE!

Rita Pannell

WOW!!!! Love all the photos of the gardens, trees, flowers, birds, squirrels......and August!!!! Nature is so beautiful. You have a special touch!!!!!! I encourage you to keep on keepin' on!!!!


Carolyn, Looks like you are about to create a Mini Wave Hill in Texas. It is great to see you enjoying plants and gardening with amazing passion. I believe you are learning about a whole different array of plants there.


All I can say is "beautiful". You have done a wonderful thing for your Mom. All that's missing are some perennial herbs that can be used for cooking or health symptoms year after year. Great job and pix.

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